Road to Harfort

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Road to Harfort
 Prerequisites Prologue (completed or skipped)
 Day 6th, September 2044
 Next Quest Back at Harfort
 Rewards None


Yet another transfer to another school, however this time it's a prestige school called Harfort. A school that is being revered by many.


1. Open the package from Harfort.
2. Find your way to Harfort.
3. Talk to the principal of Harfort.
4. Take a look at the school roster at the entrance hall.
5. Go to classroom #4.


1. Open the box left by Natalie in your room
2. Head out of the house and then out of town
3. Select Harfort Academy
4. On arrival you will get a choice of options for talking to two girls
- "Is something wrong?" - Both girls run off.
- "Hi I'm new." - The green haired girl will smile to be dragged away by the Purple haired girl. +1 Charm, +1 Arousal
- "Ignore them." - nothing happens.
5. Head to Principle Scarlett's office
- Directions here are simple, keep heading directly north from the gate until you enter a room.
- At the end of the conversation with Scarlett, replying "Y-Yes, my Queen!" gets +1 romance with Scarlett
- To get +1 romance with Violet respond, "Yes, little princess!" and "Go fuck yourself."
6. Head back to the locker room (south from Scarlett's office) and check the Roster.
7. Go to Classroom #4, this is the right side of the school on Floor 3 (use stairs at the sides of the school)

Additional Notes

1. Unlike most morning, Natalie will actually be available in her bedroom but Flora will be out.
2. The Guard appears the same as the Principle, Scarlett Johnson.
3. It is recommended to check Locker 9 for the $25 underneath it and to immediately deposit everything into the bank (via smartphone).
- Deposited money can not be withdrawn for 3 days, meaning until the same period on September 8th.
4. Following this quest you will be able to find Violet in the cafe in town and Sofia on the Basketball court. It is advised to spend time with Sofia as she gives +EFFORT which is more helpful earlier in the game.