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 Nickname Princess (Spoiled Brat)
 Occupation Student


 Special Money Tree (Rich Parents)
 Likes Spending Money
 Cup Size Tiny
 Gender Female
 Age 19
 Hair Purple
 Eyes Purple
 H-Scenes 4. Pool footjob

5. Cafe Pussy
11. Tireswing (Vaginal Sex)
13. Hypnosis
17. Cat Fight
34. Hypnosis
37. Spend time together


Violet is from the same neighbourhood as the Protagonist and originally a childhood friend but coming from a rich household and going to a different school has since become estranged. At Harfort, Violet now serves as the school president while studying there. Violet initially can also be found working in her father's cafe in the evenings or at weekends as a method of paying for her education Harfort.


Abrasive is the best way to describe Violet, she is very confrontational and prefers those who speak back to her. Violet has a tendency to be fairly hostile towards others which has caused her issues with other classmates such as Claire, The protagonists suggest that Violet may also be Jealous of Claire's large breasts.

Through conversation with Violet, it is apparent that Violet may have feelings or attraction to the Protagonists but due to her toxic personality is unable to confess it. Instead Violet bans any girls from touching the Protagonist while at school, a rule she quick breaks with Sofia after finding the Protagonist unconscious in the swimming pool changing rooms.


Violet is very short, petite stature with purple eyes and long purple hair. Unlike the other girls, Violet is very underdeveloped with a petite flat chest and a notably laking figure but has a notably large ass that the Protagonist made note of.

As the school president, Violet wears the Harfort school uniform normally with a red armband while present at the School. Outside of Harfort, Violet normally sports a white dress with a black ribbon tied around the waist.

Gift Price Relationship Quote
Necklace 1000 +500 That's the most beautiful necklace I've... *cough* I mean like... Thanks...
Notebook 1000 +250 A notebook? Where did you like... steal it from?
Katana 1000 +100 A Sword? Hmpf, like... whatever.
Dress 500 +150 T-This dress... T-They're from the gift shop aren't they? I-I always wante... I mean... Hmpf, like... whatever.
Bracelet 500 +100 A bracelet? Hmpf, like... whatever
Smartphone 500 +50 I already have the latest model of the yPhone, but I'll like... use this one as backup
Shoes 250 +50 T-These shoes... T-They're from the gift shop aren't they? I-I always wante... I mean... Hmpf, like... whatever
Mirror 250 +25 I guess like... I could use this mirror to do my eyebrows.
Golden Ring 250 +25 A golden ring? Who did you like... steal it from?
Cross 250 +10 A cross? How come you can like... touch it? I thought vampires were afraid of crosses. Heh...
Gem 150 +15 That looks shiny. I wonder if the pawn shop will accept it.
Silver Ring 150 +10 A silver ring? Are you like... too poor to afford a golden ring? Hmpf. I guess it's better than nothing.
Purse 150 +5 A purse? Hmpf, like whatever.
Teddy Bear 50 +5 D-Did sofia tell you about my teddy bear collection!?
Pen 50 +2 A Pen? Hmpf, like... whatever...
Romance Novel 50 +2 A book? What's with the like... half naked woman on the cover? Y-You pervert.
Flowers 50 +2 Flowers? Hmpf, like... whatever...
Seashell 25 +2 Is that like... a bittersweet sinep shell? I-I've been looking for those!
Lollipop 25 +1 A lollipop? Hmpf, like... whatever...
Ball of Yarn 25 +0 Ugh! What am I like... supposed to do with this?


The most recommended gift for Violet is the Necklace, this gives the most boost to relationship for it's relative cost. Buying cheaper gifts is produces a lot less relationship then saving up for a more expensive gift and so in the long run, you'd be better investing money early than going for fast relationship points. If you are after some earlier relationship points, I would recommend at least waiting until you can by the Shoes.

== Protagonist == Violet and the Protagonist were originally childhood friends that have reunited after the Protagonist joined Harfort Academy. Violet has changed since their childhood days being negative about most other people and trying to verbally bully the Protagonist shortly after the reunion. While Violet acts negatively, it seems she not entirely disinterested in the Protagonist and prefers it if the Protagonist stands up for himself (and doesn't land her in trouble). While Violet will remain acting superior to the Protagonist, she is very willing to turn to the protagonist for help and will afterwards start putting herself in compromising positions for him to find her in


Sofia is Violet's best (and possibly only) friend at Harfort, While Violet is at school she can usually be found talking with Sofia. Not much is seen of how Sofia and Violet interact but Sofia tends to following along with Violet's bullying behavior, the one exception is Sofia following the Protagonist's "encouragement" towards Violet during her 40-lap run of the school yard.


Violet and Claire do not get along, it appears that Violet has issues with Claire more than anybody else. The protagonists takes a guess that the reason is that Violet is jealous of Claire's large breasts. Claire also appears to lack confidence and this may also be a factor as Violet is friendly towards Sofia who also has big breasts.


As Principle of Harfort, Scarlett is responsible for all the students but also as the teacher of the Class that Violet is in. The relationship between Scarlett and Violet is not fully established but they appear to refer to each other as Queen and Princess in private suggesting the two interact a lot, which also makes sense from Violet being the School President.

Gorden Cumspree[edit]

Gorden Cumspress is Violet's father and runs the Cafe in town. Violet says she found out that men can release a sticky white liquid, while she was in the bath with her father.