Back at Harfort

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Back at Harfort
 Quest Giver Guard
 Prerequisites Road to Harfort
 Day September 7th, 2044
 Rewards H-Scene


It's your second day in Harfort. You were told to go and see the school nurse. You have a suspicion that it'll be someone you've met before


1. Meet the nurse in the medical room.
2. Go to the swimming pool in Harfort.


1. Go to Harfort on 7th September
- You will get an H-scene where Zoe lands ass to face on the Protagonist
2. Head towards the Medical room on the ground floor (right of locker room)
3. Head back to the locker room and check the roster to confirm that you need to go to the swimming pool (left of locker room)
- Once at the swimming pool, you can get an option to increase romance with one of the girls in the pool
- Irrelevant of the choice taken, an H-scene will follow

Additional Notes

1. The nurse and teacher, like the Guard appears to look exactly like Scarlett. Is it all one person? Would need a time travel machine to get around so fast and change clothes!
2. To increase romance for Zoe while in the swimming pool, you must select no-one, selecting Zoe will gain no relationship gain with anybody.
3. Getting to the spot the teacher would get to, causes her to stand by the ladder instead. The next section will load with the teacher still next to the ladder.
4. After completing this quest, you can now find Claire in the Library. Claire will run the first day you enter the Library, so advised to see her straight away.