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Scarlett Johnson
 Occupation Principal
 Special Jack of all Trades
 Likes Spotted Dick
 Cup Size Gigantic
 Gender Female
 Age 39
 Hair Blonde
 Eyes Grey
 H-Scenes None

as of 0.3.3c


Scarlett is the Principal at Harfort and also serves as a teacher.


Scarlett appears to be strict but perverted in nature, she also dislikes being called Crazy. Scarlett can be serious and is essentially a mentor for the Protagonist.


Scarlett wears different clothes while teaching swimming but is normally seen in a brown jacket with a shirt short and sporting a four-leafed clover pin on the collar. Scarlett appears to have shortish hair reaching down past the neck and wears glasses, Scarlett also has giant breasts.

Gift Price Relationship Quote
Necklace 1000 +500 Now that's a gift I will gladly accept.
Notebook 1000 +250 This notebook can't have been cheap. Thanks...
Katana 1000 +100 How did the guard let you in with this katana?
Bracelet 500 +150 Now that's a gift I will gladly accept.
Smartphone 500 +25 Thanks for this mobile phone...
Dress 500 +0 That's the ugliest dress I've ever seen in my life.
Golden Ring 250 +25 Thanks for this golden ring...
Cross 250 +10 Thanks for this cross...
Shoes 250 +10 Thanks for these shoes...
Mirror 250 +10 Thanks for the mirror...
Gem 150 +15 What a beautiful gem stone. Thanks...
Silver Ring 150 +10 Thanks for this silver ring...
Purse 150 +5 Thanks for this purse...
Pen 50 +5 I was just looking for a pen!
Flowers 50 +2 Thanks for these flowers...
Teddy Bear 50 +2 Thanks for this teddy bear...
Romance Novel 50 +0 What's this? A romance novel? No, thanks...
Ball of Yarn 25 +2 I was just looking to knite a pair of socks... I-I mean.. my cat will love to play with this ball of yarn!
Seashell 25 +1 Thanks for this seashell...
Lollipop 25 +0 A lollipop? Do I look like a toddler to you!?

Trading for Coins[edit]

It is unlikely to be worth gifting Scarlett often as she will rapidly build up Romance from trading in coins from the Hole. At a significant rate making her the easiest person to level up romance with.