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 Nickname Sippy
 Occupation Student
 Special Athletic
 Likes Licking "stuff"
 Cup Size Bigly
 Gender Female
 Age 19
 Hair Green
 Eyes Green
 H-Scenes 4. Pool Footjob

12. Hypnosis
18. Basketball Butt
22. Dorm
26. Hole
(blow job)
29. Basketball Court
30. Spend time together


Sofia is a Student at Harfort and lives in the school's Dormitory. Little is known about her background before the game, but what why can inferred that she was raised by her mother in Rekam'Ybab (those give her little knowledge of the opposite sex) and that her family is not as Wealthy as Violet's.


Sofia has a generally nonchalant and friendly attitude towards others so long as Violet is not around, when Violet is around Sofia tends to join in on Violet's bullying and becomes less responsive to others. Sofia's main defining trait is always wanting to lick things, usually sucking a lollipop but also liking licking anything else. When given the right item, Sofia may let slip one of the reasons she likes Violet, which is that Sofia mistakes the Protagonist for being rich and immediately suggests being besties (so long as you don't tell Violet)

Outside of licking things and preferring rich friends, Sofia likes sporting activities and will often be found in the basketball court.


As Sofia is only generally found at school, she will normally be dressed in the school uniform but when school is out she will usually be found on the Basketball courts wearing a slightly skimpy sports outfit.

Sofia has green eyes, short green hair with a long tied back ponytail that reaches down to her thighs and has large breasts.

Gift Price Relationship Quote
Katana 1000 +500 Holy Shit! A Katana! Look at this thing. That looks so friggin' cool! Thanks, Little Penis!
Notebook 1000 +250 You brought me a notebook? That's Awesome! Thanks, Little Penis!
Necklace 1000 +100 A Necklace? Cool...
Smartphone 500 +150 I needed a new mobile phone after I dropped it during out last game! Thanks a lot, Little Penis!
Bracelet 500 +100 What a cool looking bracelet! Thanks, Little Penis!
Dress 500 +0 A dress? Uhh... Do I look like a girl who would wear a dress?
Golden Ring 250 +50 That's a nice looking ring! I wonder if my tongue will fit inside.
Cross 250 +25 A cross? My mother will love this, Thanks!
Mirror 250 +10 cool mirror.
Shoes 250 +10 I wish they were sport shoes, but thanks!
Silver Ring 150 +15 That's a nice looking ring! I wonder if my tongue will fit inside.
Purse 150 +10 Thank you for the purse. Now I can bring more lollipops with me.
Gem 150 +5 A gem? Thanks...
Teddy Bear 50 +5 What a funny looking teddy bear. Its penis is larger than yours!
Romance Novel 50 +4 Ohh! I just saw the movie based on this book! Thanks, Little Penis.
Pen 50 +1 A pen? It's as skinny as your penis... Heh heh.
Flowers 50 +0 I don't like flowers, but thank you.
Lollipop 25 +2 I would never say no to a lollipop! Thank you, Little Penis!
Seashell 25 +1 A seashell? I guess I could stick it in my mouth...
Ball of Yarn 25 +0 I don't have any use for a ball of yarn, but thanks...


When increasing romance with Sofia. scenes will play out by spending time with her.

Basketball Catch 1[edit]

Required Romance:

Sofia will jump up high and the Protagonist will catch her before she lands but upside down. The Protagonist will smell Sofia's pussy before putting her down roughly.

Basketball Catch 2[edit]

Required Romance:

Sofia will jump high again and be caught by the Protagonist. This time Sofia will start playing with the Protagonist's penis through his shorts before the Protagonist puts Sofia down again.

Basketball Catch 3[edit]

Required Romance: 3

When Sofia gets caught this time, her breasts come out of her shirt and press against the Protagonist's Belly. Sofia's curiosity will make her push the Protagonist's clothes off, in revenge the Protagonist takes Sofia's shorts off to reveal her pussy. Sofia will lick the Protagonist's Penis before the Protagonist puts her down.

Basketball Catch 4[edit]

Required Romance: 4

This time the Protagonist and Sofia will play basketball naked and this will result in the Protagonist catching Sofia naked. The resulting catch ends up with Sofia and the Protagonist 69ing each other and cumming before the Protagonist puts Sofia down.


Sofia is Aiyana's daughter, Aiyana seems insistent that Sofia goes to an all girl's school and is never around boys due to the will of Rekam'Ybab


While only meeting the Protagonist recently, Sofia appears to have taken a somewhat liking to the Protagonist which is possibly due to the Protagonist being the only man around with a penis to lick but due to a rule introduced by Violet this is something Sofia is currently unable to do on school grounds.

While Sofia does tend to slightly mock the Protagonist this tends to be on the lighter side, mostly this refers to calling the Protagonist "Little Penis".


Violet is the main person that Sofia hangs with, the two generally talk quietly to each other and so it is unknown what they say but Sofia tends to follow along with Violet's Abrasive behavior whenever Violet is present. Altho Sofia does join in with the Protagonist when the Protagonist taunts Violet during her 40-lap run.