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 Nickname Dumb Cow
 Occupation Student
 Special Inverted Nipples
 Likes Food
 Cup Size Bigly
 Gender Female
 Age 18
 Hair Brown
 Eyes Yellow
 H-Scenes 10. Peephole

16. breakfast
23. Fingerblast
24. Hypnosis
(Anal Sex)
32. Spend Time Together
(Vaginal Sex)
39.Bathroom peep
44.Flora And Natalie(living room) 55.Hall masterbation


Natalie is Flora's youngest daughter and only a few minutes younger than the Protagonist. Natalie lives with Flora and the Protagonist in the Protagonist's house. Natalie also has an older sister called Nicole.

Natalie as a Student still attends university but is in a different facility to the Protagonist.


Natalie is generally a happy but sometimes naive girl, knowing that she can be naive and dumb, Natalie also uses this to tease and flirt with the Protagonist. Natalie's interest in the Protagonist is clearly sexual in nature and she is very open with the Protagonist about this, even admitting to using Dildo's when her pussy itches.

On top of this Natalie even suggests games of a sexual nature to the Protagonist such as Fingerblast and strips her clothes off next to her unsuspecting mother to give the Protagonist a good view of herself.


Natalie is a generally happy girl and usually wears a checkered jumper and shorts with a silver pendant visible around her neck. Natalie ties her hair into pig tails with pig ribbons and has very large breasts.

Gift Price Relationship Quote
Notebook 1000 +500 Wow! A new notebook! I can become a webcam girl now! Heh heh... Just kidding! Or am I? Thank you so much, Big Bro!
Necklace 1000 +250 That's a pretty necklace. Thank you so much, Big Bro!
Katana 1000 +100 That looks quite sharp, Big Bro! Now I can help mommy in the the kitchen, heh heh...
Smartphone 500 +150 A new mobile phone? Wow! My friends are going to be so jealous! Thank you so much, Big Bro.
Dress 500 +100 Ohh! A fancy dress. Which restaurant are we going to? Heh heh... Thank you, Big Bro.
Bracelet 500 +50 What a pretty bracelet. Thank you, Big Bro.
Mirror 250 +50 Ohh! Now I can bring the mirror with me to school! That's soooo cool! Thank you, Big Bro!
Shoes 250 +25 These shoes have heels! That's so crazy. Thank you, Big Bro.
Cross 250 +10 That's a shiny cross. I will pray that I'll marry you when I grow up, Big Bro
Golden Ring 250 +10 That's a pretty yellow ring. Thank you, Big Bro.
Purse 150 +15 Wow! This purse comes with its own name, Gocci! It's so pretty! I love you, Big Bro!
Silver Ring 150 +5 That's a pretty looking ring. Thank you, Big Bro.
Gem 150 +5 Ohhh... That stone is shiny. Thank you, Big Bro.
Flowers 50 +5 These flowers smell so nice! Does that mean Big Bro wants me to be his girlfriend? Heh heh... Thank you, Big Bro!
Teddy Bear 50 +2 A teddy bear? I am going to call him <Protagonist Name>!
Pen 50 +2 Y-You're gifting me a pen? Does Big Bro want me to write love letters to him? Heh heh...
Romance Novel 50 +0 A book? You know I don't read, Big Bro!
Lollipop 25 +2 Yum! A lollipop!!!
Ball of Yarn 25 +1 A ball of yarn? Thank you, Big Bro.
Seashell 25 +0 What's a seashell, Big Bro? Thanks... I guess...


When increasing Romance with Natalie, Scenes will play out by then spending time with her.

Watch Movies 1[edit]

Required Romance:

Natalie asks you to watch 'The bedroom!' with her in the Protagonist's Bedroom, Natalie will sit on the Protagonist in her nighty and then ask the Protagonist which character he likes best. Donnie is the correct answer.

Watch Movies 2[edit]

Required Romance: 2

Natalie again asks you to watch a movie, this time called "tit-a-Nick!". During the Scene the Protagonist will note that he is getting hot and will tell Natalie to get off while he takes some clothes off, Natalie decides to join in with the pair left in boxers and panties only.

Watch Movies 3[edit]

Required Romance: 3

Natalie again asks to watch a movie, this time called "Berjerk!", this is a horror movie and during it the power cuts out. During the black out Natalie tricks the Protagonist resulting in him groping her breasts by mistake

Watch Movies 4[edit]

Required Romance:

For the Fourth movie that Natalie wants to watch is "The Nudist!", and Natalie suggests that to follow the film's plot that everybody should watch the movie naked, insisting that they follow suit.

During the movie the Protagonist finds it hard to control himself and Alter-Ego offers to help, Depending on if you swap with Alter Ego or not, you will get a different scene play out.
Accepting Alter-Ego's deal will lead to Alter-Ego playing with Natalie, rubbing and then fingering her Pussy.
Refusing Alter-Ego's deal will lead to Natalie playing with the Protagonist, giving him a handjob

Watch Movies 5[edit]

Required Romance:

For the Final movie, Natalie suggests "Giant Cock vs Little Pussy". All subtlety of what Natalie wants is pretty much gone as this is obviously a porno. Natalie says she wants to be happy like the porn stars after the Penis went inside the Pussy in the movie, Natalie starts rubbing her Pussy against the protagonist's cock. Natalie then asks explicitly for the Protagonist to put his cock in her pussy and he obliges.

After Natalie comments on the Porn Actor having a bigger Penis, Alter-Ego will offer his help again.
Accepting Alter-Ego's deal will increase the size of the Protagonist's Penis, The protagonist stays in control.
Refusing Alter-Ego's deal will do nothing.

irrelevant of the choice, the Protagonist will fuck Natalie and cum inside her pussy.


Flora is Natalie's mother, Flora and Natalie appear to have a good relationship and Natalie seems to heavily resemble her Mother.


Natalie and the Protagonist are housemates but they get on as step-siblings, a relationship that Natalie appears to want to take deeper.

Nicole [edit]

Nicole is Natalie's Elder sister.