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 Quest Giver None
 Prerequisites Optional
 Day September 5th, 2044
 Next Quest Road to Harfort
 Rewards None


The protagonist is awoken by Flora to go to go to his new school, waking up The Protagonist finds them self in a bit of a sticky situation with nerves already running high.


1. Head down stairs and talk to Flora
2. Head out of the front door
- you will now get a chance to name The Protagonist
3. Choose either option
- Choosing to give control will get the Protagonist expelled and walking home as Alter Ego
- Rejecting to handover control will pass the day uneventfully and walking home normally
3. Go down the street until you find your way blocked
4. Divert upwards past the guy selling blowjobs
- This will lead on to more cut-scenes, starting by getting assaulted by an unknown girl

Additional Notes[edit]

1. This is not actually a named quest, nor does it appear as a quest within the Objectives tab.
2. This quest is optional and can be skipped. If you do not play the Prologue, you will still be prompted to name the Protagonist.
3. This is the Protagonist's and Natalie's 18th Birthdays.
4. Flora has an entry in her Dairy relating to the day, as well as a past incident.
5. Contact information for Flora and Natalie will already be in the phone.
6. It is possible to touch Flora's breasts as there is 12 arousal available from Natalie's bedroom (sniff her bed and under undies). This will increase relationship with Flora by +1.
7. The girl that assaults you is Claire who seems to have been afflicted with the same condition as girls in the pit.
8. You can use Natalie's mirror to gain +1 Effort