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 Nickname Snotty
 Occupation Student
 Likes Nerdy Things
 Cup Size Yuge
 Gender Female
 Age 18
 Hair Brown
 Eyes Purple
 H-Scenes 3. Pool

6. Library Sneeze
15. Hypnosis
21. Selfie
22. Dorm
31. Spend Time Together


Claire is a student at Harfort Academy, little more is known about her background.


Claire as the nerdy girl is generally very timid and has a reserved personality, she barely stands out in class and does not seem very outgoing. When not in class Claire can usually be found spending her time in the library both reading and writing. What Claire writes appears to be lewd in nature and she is fairly secretive over this part of her hobby, only being revealed to the Protagonist as he recovers her book from a cat.

Apart of Claire's shyness appears to relate to her milky breasts, fearing that others will not like her due to her overly active lactations.


Claire always wears her school uniform, with a shirt stretched by her massive breasts. Claire has long brown hair with substancial bangs and wears a pair of red glasses over her purple eyes.

Gift Price Relationship Quote
Notebook 1000 +500 W-Wow... I wonder if this n-n-notebook will run m-my favorite game, SUPERCREEP.*
Katana 1000 +250 T-That looks exactly like the katana in the latest episode of G-G-Gintama!
Necklace 1000 +0 I-I don't really like wearing ne-ne-necklaces. It feels like s-s-someone weak is choking me.
Smartphone 500 +150 W-Wow... T-This is the l-l-latest model of the Milky Way phone, running Cyborg 6.9.
Dress 500 +100 T-That's a b-b-beautiful dress! It's too p-pretty for me.
Bracelet 500 +50 T-Thank you...
Cross 250 +50 I-It looks exactly like the cr-cr-cross I read about in a boo-boo-book. T-Thank you!
Mirror 250 +25 T-Thank you...
Golden Ring 250 +25 T-Thank you...
Shoes 250 +5 T-Thank you...
Purse 150 +15 Oh... T-That's just what I needed to carry my pe-pe-pen and notep-p-pad!
Gem 150 +10 I-Is that a gem stone? I-It looks b-b-beautiful.
Silver Ring 150 +5 T-Thank you...
Romance Novel 50 +5 I-Is that Sixty-Nine Shades of Grey?! T-Thank you!
Pen 50 +4 T-Thank you! I-I needed a p-p-pen to continue to w-w-write my new boo-boo-boo-book.
Teddy Bear 50 +4 Thank you! H-He is cute (like you).
Flowers 50 +0 S-Sorry, I-I'm allergic to flo-flo-flo... Aaaah-chooo!! Flowers.....
Seashell 25 +2 I-It's b-b-b-beautiful.
Ball of Yarn 25 +1 T-Thank you.
Lollipop 25 +1 T-Thank you.
  • Supercreep is another game made by Boner Games (Patreon ).


When Zoe was standing on top of Harfort, Claire appears to be concerned for Zoe. Little is known about what Claire feels for Zoe.


Initially Claire is nervous of being around the Protagonist but after the Protagonist finds out Claire's secrets she opens up more to him and is even open to reading books late into the evening.