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 Occupation Student
 Special Pain Tolerance
 Likes Pain
 Cup Size Petite
 Gender Female
 Age 21
 Hair Grey
 Eyes Grey
 H-Scenes 5. Tied to Chair

14. Roof Jump
22. Dorm
33.(dream handjob)
52.Spend time together


Zoe is a student at Harfort Academy.


With the protagonist initially meeting Zoe via her jumping off of Harfort Academy, it is safe to say that Zoe has suicidal thoughts and tendancies. Zoe generally doesn't show that much kindness to others and disbelieves that anybody cares about her, such as Claire. Because of this Zoe is often found near the roads of the city, even challenging the protagonist to a game of Chicken with on-coming traffic.


Zoe is a very pale girl with constant bags under her eyes and has a preference for Gothic clothing while not in school. Zoe has long ass Grey hair and Grey eyes with a generally depressed Demeanor. She also looks very cute when angry

Gift Price Relationship Quote
Katana 1000 +500 I've dreamt of having a katana like this!
Necklace 1000 +250 This necklace looks sturdy... I think I could use this...
Notebook 1000 +100 A notebook? I guess I could use it to surf 4Chan, a community of loser who're all on the brink of suicide.
Dress 500 +150 Oh... That's a nice looking dress. I would look good wearing it during my own funural.
Smartphone 500 +50 A mobile phone? I wonder if there's a suicide hotline, that actually helps you to commit suicide...
Bracelet 500 +0 What am I supposed to do with bracelets?
Cross 250 +50 Nice... This cross has a sharp base. I can use this!
Shoes 250 +25 New Shoes? They might help me to take a better run-up next time I jump.
Golden Ring 250 +10 I wonder what would happen if I swallow this ring.
Mirror 250 +0 What am I supposed to do with a mirror?
Purse 150 +15 This is exactly what I need to carry my pills. Thanks...
Silver Ring 150 +5 I wonder what would happen if I swallow this ring.
Gem 150 +0 This gem is too small. What am I supposed to do with it?
Flowers 50 +5 Nice... I hope these flowers are poisonous.
Pen 50 +4 I guess I could try to stab myself with this pen.
Romance Novel 50 +3 A book called Sixty Shades of Grey? I guess I could try to bore myself to death
Teddy Bear 50 +0 I don't know what to do with a teddy bear...
Seashell 25 +2 Oh It's quite sharp. This sea shell will do... It will do nicely.
Lollipop 25 +1 I guess I could try to stab myself with this lollipop.
Ball of Yarn 25 +1 Hmm... a ball of yarn? Thanks... I hope it's strong enough to hang myself with it.