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The Neighborhood is a small suburb where the Protagonist's Home, Violet's House, Neighbor Tom's House, An unknown house, Dad's shed and a playground can be found.

There is also a graveyard connected to the church and a road that travels through the neighborhood.


Protagonist's Home
Violet's House
Dad's Shed
Neighbor Tom's House

Unknown Neighbor's House

The Protagonist's home is where the Protagonist lives with his caretaker Flora and housemates Natalie and Nicole. At the start of the game Nicole has left the house and is missing, during the game other characters will also stay in the house, such as Gip and Dunia.

Ground Floor[edit]

Protagonist's House

On the ground floor is the Kitchen and Living Rooms, Flora can often be found on the ground floor in the mornings and afternoon. Also some random events can occur here, usually on the weekends. There are two doors to leave to the Neighborhood, and stairs up to the bedrooms above. Lastly there is stairs down to the basement.

Lower Bedrooms[edit]

Lower Bedrooms

Above the ground floor the lower bedrooms and bathroom can be found. The bedrooms found on this floor are the Protagonist's Bedroom and Natalie's Bedroom.

Upper Bedrooms[edit]

The Upper Bedrooms are at the top of the Protagonist's house and is where Flora's and Nicole's bedrooms can be found.


The basement acts as a storage area and makeshift bedroom used by Gip or Dunia. The basement has a mysterious door that is locked and leaves the Protagonist wondering what is behind it.

Violet's House

Violet's house is located in the neighborhood at the bottom right of the map. This is where Violet lives and can be located after being fired from working in her Father's Cafe.

Ground Floor[edit]

The ground floor consists of a large dining/kitchen area, a living space with a wall mounted TV and piano and a separate room for what appears to be a circular gambling table.

Upper Floor(s)[edit]

This is currently unavailable (as of 0.3.2b). The protagonist will note that he needs permission before heading upstairs.


The Church is located in the Neighborhood at the top right of the map with a connected grave yard.

Inside the Church there are some followers. After starting the Quest Church in Need, Aiyana will also be available in the church. There are two confessional rooms and a door to Aiyana's bedroom.

Church Hall[edit]

In the main hall of the church there is 12 benches with 4 followers sat on them. The followers all appear to be perverse in nature.

At the right of the main hall is two confessionals, set-up for the confessional scene with Aiyana.

Aiyana's bedroom[edit]

A very odd room which looks like a converted sewer, it has water on the right and left sides of it. There is also a minecart track coming from a door. The room has shabby furniture, being a table a bed and a cupboard.

The center piece of the room is a statue of Rekam'Ybab.

Dad's Shed
Dad's Shed is located behind the Protagonist's Home, it contains a single room and elevator which connects to the The Hole. There is some notes on the desk but else wise a fairly empty room.


Classroom #1
Classroom #2
Classroom #3
Classroom #4
Front Gate
Locker Room
Principal Scarlett's Room
Swimming Pool
Utility Room




The Town is located on the west side of the Island, it is a large commercial area with many businesses operating in it.


Job Agency
Strip Club
Lust Toys Store

Gift Shop



The Cafe in town is owned by Gordan Cumspree, Violet's Father, at the start of the game Violet will be working as a Waitress there. There are several quests around Violet for this area.

The Cafe has two areas to it, the sitting area out front and a kitchen area behind the counter. The sitting area has wooden tables and chairs while the kitchen has a long counter with an oven and sink in it.


Job Agency
The Job Agency is located in town and run by Scarlett, This is used for the Job Agency Quest. The job itself nets at most 24$, making this an unsuitable method of making cash. In the Job agency itself is a load of crates, a desk for Scarlett and ripped and torn up bed.


Lust Toys

Lust Toys is the store given to the Protagonist by Gip after signing Gip's shady contract. This can be used by the player to sell items collected from the Hole, garbage cans (check em), and a few other places.


The following items can be sold at the following prices!

Item Price ID#
BDSM Tape 50$ 163
BDSM Rope 60$ 162
BDSM Blindfold 70$ 164
Cock Ring 80$ 159
Dildo 90$ 151
Butt Plug 100$ 157
BDSM Collar 110$ 165
Nipple Clamps 120$ 156
BDSM Gag 130$ 166
BDSM Cuffs 140$ 161
Vibrator 150$ 155
Leather Whip 160$ 152
Love Egg 180$ 158
Meatlight 200$ 153
Blow Up Doll 400$ 154
Saddle 500$ 168
Adult DVD Box 600$ 160
Destroyer 1000$ 167


Gift Shop

The Gift shop is the best location for buying gifts for the various girls in your contact list. The Gift shop is dominated by a large counter with a clerk behind it. There are shelves and cabinets also in the shop, with the counter having merchandise on it too.


The following items can be purchased at the following prices!

Item Price ID#
Ball of Yarn 25$ 101
Seashell 25$ 119
Lollipop 25$ 121
Pen 50$ 102
Romance Novel 50$ 123
Flowers 50$ 109
Teddy Bear 50$ 120
Silver Ring 150$ 107
Purse 150$ 114
Gem 150$ 118
Mirror 250$ 105
Cross 250$ 106
Gold Ring 250$ 111
Shoes 250$ 122
Bracelet 500$ 110
Dress 500$ 113
Notebook 1000$ 103
Necklace 1000$ 112
Katana 1000$ 108




The city is on the East side of the Island. It is an area with offices and shops, on top of all this there are market stalls out in a carpark with a few game stands. There is also a Park with a crashed airplane in it.

Scarlett, Aiyana and Claire can currently be found in the area but none of them can be interacted with.


Animal Clinic
Boner Office
Gip Enterprises
Sperm Bank
Soap Land
Air Shop
City Apartments

Office Building


Animal Clinic Reception

The reception area of the Animal Clinic is a fairly standard room with two sofas, Reception Desk and a chair. In the bin there is $10 which the protagonist can take.

Due to the events of Inside the Clinic, There is a hole in the wall that can be used to get into the Surgery at the back. The door to the same room is locked.


Animal Clinic Surgery

The Surgery at back is a room at back, There is an IV drip, A strange device connected to the Terminal, a Cupboard and a table. There is also a small ward with a wheelchair, a monitor and a damaged bed.

The presence of a Wheelchair is further evidence to Nicole having been at the clinic as she would not have been able to walk there.




Farmers House