Hypno Natalie 3

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Hypno Natalie #3
 Quest Giver Alter Ego
 Prerequisites Hypno Natalie #2
 Next Quest Dirty Secret
 Rewards Ability to transfer to Natalie


It's about time to see if your hypnosis skills have been improved.


1. Read the Magic Book Volume 5.
2. Hypnotize Natalie.
3. Find a way to return to your body.


1. Proceed with The Hole (Quest) until you beat the boss of Floor 5 to obtain all necessary Magic Books.
2. Get a Knowledge skill of 15
3. Talk to Natalie
- Level 4 romance with Natalie is required to proceed.
4. To complete the quest just go back to the Protagonist's Body and select kiss.

Additional Notes

1. Knowledge can be gained from spending time with Claire or Zoe. Also some classes, such as the Maths class, also give Knowledge if you complete them successfully.
2. Natalie might not react to getting level 4 romance from a gift right away. If this occurs, save the game and reload, she will now correctly react to the romance level.
3. The chant by the Protagonist during the Hypnotize scene... (suggest reaching it before reading/exapnding)

"We're no stranger to lust. You know the positions and so do I! A full blown intercourse's what I'm think of. You wouldn't get this from any other guy. I just wanna tell you how I'm horny. Gotta make you understand! Never gonna stop licking you up. Never gonna stop going down on you. Never gonna be the guy that leaves you dry. Never gonna not satisfy. Never gonna say I'm bi. Never gonna be the one who deserts you."

is clearly a Parody of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, AKA Rickroll