Hypno Natalie 2

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Hypno Natalie #2
 Quest Giver Natalie
 Prerequisites Hypno Natalie #1
 Next Quest Hypno Natalie #3
 Rewards Anal with Natalie


Natalie agreed to help you with your hypnosis training.


1. Look through the peephole tonight to see if hypnotizing Natalie worked.
2. Go back and hypnotize Natalie again.
3. Talk to Natalie through the peephole during the night.
4. Finish all 6 training sessions with Natalie every night.


1. After hypnotizing Natalie, wait until you hit night and then check the peephole by the Protagonist's bed.
2. Talk to Natalie on any evening and Hypnotise her again
3. Go to the Peephole by the bed at night and select Hypnosis Training 1&2
4. Wait until the following night and repeat Hypnosis Training 1&2
5. Wait until the following night and repeat Hypnosis Training 3
6. Keep repeating until you get Hypnosis training 4&5 come up
- you will need a romance level of 2 or higher with Natalie to continue
- Since Natalie is random for stat rises, it maybe best to go for gifts (if you got to floor 6+ of the hole you should have plenty of cash)
- Flowers and Mirrors are good gifts for raising romance with natalie but better more expensive options do exist.
6. Keep using peephole to continue through training sessions 4, 5 and 6.

Additional Notes

1. As this quest progresses through scenes, you will need higher levels of Hyponsis that require progression in the hole and raising the Knowledge stat +3 per tier.
2. Despite Natalie running off to find Mittens, she'll be sleeping on the bed if you look through the peephole after Training session 1
3. Sessions 6 doesn't appear to be using Hypnosis as the Protagonist asks Natalie instead of commanding her.
4. Sleeping will open Hypno Natalie #3