The Hole (Quest)

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The Hole
 Quest Giver Scarlett
 Prerequisites None
 Day September 9, 2044
 Next Quest None
 Rewards various


Awakening in his room, The Protagonist sees his new Principal in front of him. It is now time to find out the secrets of the utility room and what lays beneath it.

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1. Find an exit.
2. Talk to the principal in her office.
3. Reach the bottom of the hole.


1. Since you are automatically thrown into the hole without choice, you have to go left and up. It is difficult to get lost as there is also a mini-map.
- It is recommended to hit all rooms and get every pot.
2. Defeat the girl in the room
- It is advisable to play with arrow keys and mouse, since it is easier to move and aim in different directions
3. Head north from the room with the girl (after plundering all pots)
4. Head to Scarlett's office
- you can now trade coins for cash, trading 10 at a time gains +1 relationship with scarlett to. 100 coins increases this to +10 relationship.
- The quest It's Magic! will now become available.
5. Return to the utility room any evening to continue to explore the hole.

Floor 1

This is a return to the floor, most the gates previously blocking routes should now be gone allowing the Protagonist to continue investigate down the hole. There are now far more girls around to defeat.

The boss on this floor is relatively easy, she shoots in 4 directions with her main shot going in your direction. Just don't get too close and it should be easily avoided.

Boss Drop: 1x Rusty Key

Floor 2

This floor is larger than Floor 1. It is recommended to fully explore the floor before fighting the boss. The boss can be found 3 rooms east of the start area. This will be noted by a Red and White arrow pointing upwards.

There will now also be slightly more variety in the girls, some after faster but only have melee attacks and others have homing attacks. Some girls will spawn in immediate attack range, you should be prepared to run and gun whenever entering a new room.

The boss is as easy as the first, this boss fires three bullets towards your general direction but is again easily avoided by just staying at range.

Boss Drop: Magic Book Volume 2

Floor 3

Floor 3 again increases the size of the floor. Nothing majorly new this time except a room with I lul written in pots and an already open chest.

The Boss is still easy but this time you need be more active in walking around her. This bosses attack is slightly homing and a larger projectile.

Boss Drop: Magic Book Volume 3

Floor 4

Floor 4 is basically a Huge Square with the boss room hanging off of the bottom right corner. Some of the ranged girls now have slightly larger projectiles for more damage and the rooms can places the girls slightly closer to the room entrances. But the girls are effectively the same.

The Boss here uses large projectiles and has a fairly high rate of fire, like with Floor 3, circling the girl at a distance you can hit her is key.

Boss Drop: Magic Book Volume 4

Floor 5

There is one room near the start that should be avoided entering from the top, the room right then down as entering this from the top puts you in a range of two girls that can't both be easily dodged. It is recommended to enter from the south and to take both girls out from behind the pots and using the gap in the middle of the room. There is still risk entering from the south but when you break a pot with something in it, the girls will stop shooting (and pot remain in place) until you loot it.

There is another room to the mid right which also can be a little tricky as you have to fight a girl down narrow walkways. Overall this floor is a little harder then previous ones.

The Boss is harder on this floor, as you need to keep her walking in a square, her projectiles spiral out from her and if you don't kite her correctly, you will get into a situation of taking unavoidable damage. The advice is to move around the room in an anti clock-wise fashion from corner to corner.

Boss Drop: Magic Book Volume 5

Floor 6

This floor goes with an increase in difficulty. This floor also introduces bridges, which don't change things too much but helpful to note that the sides count as solid so give protection against projectiles.

There is a gate that costs 1 key to open, in the next room is 5 chests and 22 pots. So a good choice if you have lots of spare keys, but as this is unlikely. Probably advisable to skip.

This Boss is the same as the Floor 5 boss but slightly harder and the corners are now blocked off.

Boss Drop: Potatoes

Additional Notes

1. As you are likely around 0% Arousal, it is best to pretend to drink the potion as the potion just reduces Arousal.
2. It is advisable to break all pots, you can get coins and keys from these. The coins can be traded for Cash with Scarlett (recommended trading 10 at a time minimum)
- Rusty Keys are generally much more valuable then coins as chests usually give far more valuable items!
3. There is a chest on the floor 1, this will likely drop a dildo, the item required for Sofia's Unusual Request
4. there is a rusty key in Flora's cupboard which can be used, but should probably be saved for.
5. It is recommended to invest all the cash you get early on, as several quests will need money before it is flooding in.
- If you invested when recommended too in Road to Harfort, this money can be withdrawn after leaving the hole and re-invested with the money from trading the first coins.
6. It is recommendable to hit the Hole often as this is the main place to earn cash both through coins and sex toys which can be sold in A Large Debt.
7. Defeated girls usually carry an item, generally some form of sex toy.
8. Once you get past floor 1, it is recommended to always try to keep to 2 Antiandrogen before entering. You can buy more from the Nurse.
9. As of current builds, the bottom of the hole can not be reached meaning this objective can't be completed.