Flora the Bum

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Flora the Bum
 Quest Giver None
 Prerequisites Night time
 Day September 6th, 2044
 Next Quest A Large Debt & Flora No Longer A Bum
 Rewards H-scene with Flora


After getting home from his first day at Harfort, the Protagonist hears a noise downstairs. Assuming it is Flora, he goes downstairs to find...


1. Talk to Flora on the couch in the living room.
2. Talk to Flora when she's not asleep.
3. Give $100 to Flora


1. Go downstairs and interact with Flora on the couch
- Flora will not wake up
2. Go back to bed and sleep
3. Talk to Flora at the kitchen table
- Opens the Quest: Job Agency
4. Once you have $100, speak to Flora in the morning to give it to her.
- you will gain +1 Romance for this
- Opens the Quest: A Large Debt

Additional Notes

1. There is no rush in giving Flora the $100 but it will unlock more quests and the ability to gain charm for $ from Flora every weekday morning.
2. While the Job Agency Quest is opened by this quest, it is not required to complete this quest.