Flora No Longer A Bum

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Flora No Longer a Bum
 Quest Giver Flora
 Prerequisites Flora the Bum
 Rewards More options with Flora


Flora was offered a new job by Uncle Gip at his place in town, however she seems rather secretive about it.


1. Figure out where Flora works.
2. Go to the Bunny Bar in town.


1. Talk to Flora any weekday after completing Flora the Bum
2. Head up to Flora's bedroom and check her Diary
3. During an evening head into town and enter the Bunny Bar with a Disguise.
- you will need to have completed the Quest, Job Agency for the Disguise.

Additional Notes

1. After completing this quest you should get more options with Flora on weekday mornings, including the ability to gain charm for $ but with no time advancement!, once per morning.
2. there is an option to give a stranger $10 outside the bunny bar, if you give him $10 he says he will see you inside but will not present when you enter.
3. After the quest is complete, you need to click the chair with a blue question mark, you will get two options
- Stop Him. You stop Tom groping Flora which gets Flora fired, this results in a +5 Romance with Flora.
- Do Nothing. You see Flora's ass as Tom gropes her, Flora fights back against him and gets fired. +20 Arousal