A Large Debt

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A Large Debt
 Quest Giver Flora
 Prerequisites Flora the Bum
 Rewards Ability to run the Sex Shop

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Your dad owed a million dollars to your uncle, Gip. Now that dad is gone, Gip wants his money back.


1. Meet uncle Gip in town.
2. Open the shop.
3. Pay back a million dollars to Gip. Progress 0%


1. Go to town and talk to Gip next to the Sex Shop.
- If you accept, you will sign a contract to manage the Sex Shop.
- Get item: Shop Key
2. Go in the shop, fill the selves with items and open the shop.

Additional Notes

1. The Contract appears to be a Lorem Ipsum.
2. The Protagonist appears to sign the contract with a drawing of a sperm.
3. Currently there appears to be no way to pay Gip back and Progress is always stuck at 0%.