Butt Oil

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Butt Oil
 Quest Giver Violet
 Prerequisites Attempting Session 2 of Rescue The Wambulance! with 3+ charm
 Rewards None


Violet Asked you to help her get out of the tire swing again. You decided to try to use some cooking oil to get her out.


1. Get some cooking oil from the kitchen
2. Buy cooking oil in town
3. Go back to Violet in the Playground


1. Checking the kitchen counter at home yields no oil.
2. Buy some cooking oil from the food stall in town, this costs 5$.
- Depending on story progression you may have to go to Harfort meaning you need to get the oil and night and return to Violet the next morning.
3. Return to Violet in the playground and talk to her.
- Repeat Help Session #2
- This will increase Arousal by 10

Additional Notes

1. This is a sub quest for Rescue the Wambulance