Rescue The Wambulance!

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Rescue the Wambulance!
 Quest Giver Violet
 Prerequisites Call the Wambulance!
 Next Quest Hold the Wambulance!
 Rewards H-scene


You found Violet stuck on the playground inside the tire swing. Try to help her again tomorrow morning.


1. Complete the first 3 tire swing help sessions.


1. Wait a day after completing Call the Wambulance Quest.
2. Head to the Playground after getting a message from Violet and talk to her, select Help Session #1.
3. Wait another day until the next message and head back to talk to Violet in the playground, select Help Session #2.
- You need a Charm skill of 3 or higher to access this Help Session.
4. You will now open the Quest Butt Oil, which needs to be completed to progress further.
- This quest will increase Arousal by 10 at the end
- Admiring Violet's butt will get a slight romance increase
- Gain Item: Violet's Panties
5. Return to Violet
- You will need a Romance level of 2 or higher with violet
- Teddy Bears or Shoes are probably a good bet on gifts if you wish to buy gifts to get there quickly. Naturally more expensive options will give better results if you are willing to cash out for them.
- In Session 3, you can bribe Violet for 100$, however she will only give you 50$ at the end.
- In session 3, Not asking for Money will give a significant romance increase with Violet.

Additional Notes

1. Despite Violet still being place after Call the Wambulance!, attempting to use scene 1 will just result in Violet saying she will call her Daddy.
2. While in the Tire Swing, Violet's icon will still appear at Harfort on the map.
3. Both Flora and Violet can give +charm at a cost.
- Violet costs $5 and will advance time
- Flora costs $5 but will not advance time (once per weekday), requires Flora No Longer a Bum quest to be complete.
4. Certain Classes can also give +Charm if you pass their requirements, like beating the hangman mini-game.