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The Protagonist's home is where the Protagonist lives with his caretaker Flora and housemates Natalie and Nicole. At the start of the game Nicole has left the house and is missing, during the game other characters will also stay in the house, such as Gip and Dunia.

Ground Floor[edit]

Protagonist's House

On the ground floor is the Kitchen and Living Rooms, Flora can often be found on the ground floor in the mornings and afternoon. Also some random events can occur here, usually on the weekends. There are two doors to leave to the Neighborhood, and stairs up to the bedrooms above. Lastly there is stairs down to the basement.

Lower Bedrooms[edit]

Lower Bedrooms

Above the ground floor the lower bedrooms and bathroom can be found. The bedrooms found on this floor are the Protagonist's Bedroom and Natalie's Bedroom.

Upper Bedrooms[edit]

The Upper Bedrooms are at the top of the Protagonist's house and is where Flora's and Nicole's bedrooms can be found.



The basement acts as a storage area and makeshift bedroom used by Gip or Dunia. The basement has a mysterious door that is locked and leaves the Protagonist wondering what is behind it.