Sofia's Unusual Request

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Sofia's Unusual Request
 Quest Giver Sofia
 Prerequisites Talk to Sofia on the Basketball Court
 Day September 6th, 2044, Onwards
 Next Quest None
 Rewards Romance with Sofia


Sofia has sent you on a mysterious quest to fetch an unusually shaped item.


1. Find Sofia something that has the shape of your penis


1. Talk to Sofia on the evening or weekend
- After you have finished talking to her she will ask you to find something like your Penis
2. Wait until you have access to The Hole Quest
3. During The Hole quest, open chests until you find a Dildo.
4. Return to the Basketball court and talk to Sofia to give her Dildo.

Additional Notes

1. Multiple other items can be given to Sofia, some give a relationship boost too but only the Dildo will finish the quest.
- as example include giving Sofia a Mushroom