Satisfy Sippy

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Satisfy Sippy
 Quest Giver None
 Prerequisites Missing Sippy


You've rescued Sofia from the Hole and you decided to see how she is doing now.


1. Talk to Sofia on the basketball court in Harfort.
2. Go to the church during the night and borrow a loli.
3. Bring the loli back to Sofia on the basketball court in Harfort.


1. Return to bedroom after completing Missing Sippy Quest to activate.
2. Go and see Sofia on the basketball court (evenings or weekends)
3. Go to the church at night and go to the room directly up from the entrance.
4. Pick up the lollipop on the rail cart track.
5. Hide under the Bed or in the Cupboard.
- You can also just leave the room, however you can't get the +1 romance with Aiyana for lying, if you leave. - Telling the truth gives no benefits
6. Return to Sofia

Additional Notes

1. The reason that Sofia sneaks out of school each night is revealed to be that her Mother, Aiyana, Gives her "lolis" everynight.