New Daddy

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New Daddy
 Quest Giver Violet while on her Trike
 Prerequisites Bike Hike


Violet needs to be taught a lesson and your alter-ego has an idea.


  • Switch to the alter-ego using the mirror in the bedroom.
  • Find Mr. Cumspree inside Violet's home during the weekend.
  • Talk to Violet on the trike.
  • Talk to Violet again on the trike.


Talk to Violet on her trike during the weekends, just outside of her house after doing the quest Bike Hike.

Additional Notes

Completing this quest will allow you choose outfit for Violet while she's riding her trike on weekends. The options are

  • Casual Clothes
  • Underwear (Removes her panties)
  • One of the SexyWear lingerie (Will need to be gifted to her to unlock)
  • Completely naked

If you choose a naked option, Violet will complain that everyone is staring at her and worry, what if her classmates sees her. But she enjoys riding the trike so much that she doesn't mind being naked in public.