Natalie's Peeping Tom

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Natalie's Peeping Tom
 Quest Giver Natalie
 Day September 11, 2044


You find out that the neighbor, who is a cop, has been stalking Natalie. You need to find a way to stop him.


1. Talk to the neighbor hiding under the tree.
2. Hold on to the neighbor's box.
3. Find out if Natalie stole the box.
4. Buy a drill from the shopping mall in town.
5. Look inside the peephole in your bedroom.
6. Buy Natalie a new cami top from the shopping mall.
7. Tell the neighbor that you lost his box.


1. Go outside and talk to the Neighbour (he looks like Saitama from One Punch Man).
- Whatever you choose, the Neighbour will respect you trying to protect Natalie and offer you a deal to look after his box for him to stop (for now).
2. Wait until the end of the day
- The box will go missing and suspect number one is Natalie!
3. Go to the shopping mall in town and buy a Drill
- The drill costs $100
4. Check the peephole by activiating the Protagonist's bed.
- It is recommended to have below 50 Arousal when you do this, as you will gain 50 Arousal in the H-scene. You may also want to use an Antiandrogen straight away.
5. Go to the shopping mall and buy Natalie a top
- Buying Natalie a Camisole costs $50
6. Talk to Tom the Neighbor
- Tom the Neighbor will be located just outside of his house.
- Tom will give you a choice of getting a picture of either Natalie's or Violet's breasts.

Natalie Route

7. Find Natalie and talk to her in the Evening, she will automatically accept you taking a picture of her breasts
- Telling Natalie that you love her will get a Romance gain
8. Return to the Neighbor and give him the picture

Violet Cafe Route

7. Go to the Cafe and spend time with Violet in the Cafe
- This will cost $5 but will still also give the normal relationship and charm gains, after the cutscene.
- Choose "Cherish this moment" for a romance boost with Violet
8. Return to the Neighbor and give him the picture

Additional Notes

1. This is one of a few early quests that requires money. It is best to try and save enough to do all quests at once.
- It is recommended to get twice that needed to keep the lucrative interest coming in from Hump Bank.
2. Drilling the hole in this quest is needed for the Hypno Natalie #1 Quest.
3. Natalie cutting up her clothes will not affect cutscenes on a Saturday with Natalie and Flora.