Lust Toys: Violet

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Lust Toys: Violet
 Prerequisites Opened Shop
 Next Quest Lust Toys: Sofia & Lust Toys: Claire
 Rewards Violet can be hired


You decided to talk to violet and ask her if she wants to help you run the Lust Toys store.


1. Talk to Violet at her house.
2. Ask Flora is she still has her Bunny Suit.
3. Take the Bunny Suit from Flora's bedroom.
4. Go back to Violet's house, and give her the suit.
5. Buy a new bunny suit for Violet from the shopping mall in town.


1. Go to Violet's house
-south east house in the neighbourhood where the protagonist's house is, south of the church.
2. Talk to Flora on a weekday morning.
3. Go to the cupboard in Flora's bedroom.
4. Talk to Violet in her house (evenings/weekends)
5. Buy a suit from the mall for $50
6. Head to the shop and get Violet to work for you

Additional Notes

1. Talk to Violet while she is working in the Lust Toy's store to start the "Lust Toys: Sofia" Quest.
2. Talk to Violet and Claire to start the "Lust Toys: Claire" Quest.