Job Agency (Quest)

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Job Agency
 Quest Giver Flora
 Prerequisites Flora the Bum (partial)
 Day September 7th, 2044 onward
 Next Quest None
 Rewards Varies, Disguise


You're in dire need of money, so you decided to look for a job by going to the job agency in town.


1. Go to the Job Agency in town, and find a job.


1. Go to the Job Agency in town at Morning, Afternoon or Evening on the weekend
2. Talk to Scarlett to be given the job
- You are given a minute to run around town and talk to as many NPCs as possible.
- NPCs you can talk to have a blue question mark over their heads

Additional Notes

1. This quest is not actually required for Flora the Bum (only $100 is and that is much easily gained from the Pit).
2. This quest is required for completing Harassing the Harasser and Flora is no longer a Bum.
3. The reward is 2x the amount of sex toys sold, a good result will also gain +1 romance with Scarlett.
4. To get a better result it is recommended to avoid faster NPCs and get the slower ones first.
5. The maximum cash reward is 24, by selling 12 toys. (it is possible to do legitimately but not easy)
6. Due to the way movement works, sometimes you will sell a toy while far away if there is something blocking the path.