Harassing the Harasser

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Harassing the Harasser
 Quest Giver Violet
 Prerequisites Talk to Violet in Cafe
 Next Quest Call the Wambulance!
 Rewards Romance gain with Violet + H-scene


Violet, asked you to harass her in the Cafe in Town in front of her father, while in disguise. Violet told you to check out the Job Agency next door to the Cafe to find a disguise.


1. Find a disguise at the Job Agency.
2. Go to the Cafe in the evening.
3. Talk to Violet while she's working in the Cafe.


1. Talk to Violet in the cafe, when you stop talking she will ask you to do her a favor
2. Wait until the weekend and do the Job Agency Quest in Town
3. Once you have a Disguise, go to the Cafe that Violet works at, best to have below 65 Arousal when doing this.
- Arousal will increase +35

Additional Notes

1. Prior to starting this quest, a scene will occur when talking to Violet and her father Gordon Cumspree. Telling Mr. Cumspree that "nothing..." is going on will result in romance gain with Violet.