Claire's Novel (Quest)

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Claire's Novel
 Quest Giver Claire
 Prerequisites Talk to Claire in the Library
 Day September 8th, 2044 Onwards
 Next Quest None
 Rewards Romance with Claire


Claire has lost the novel she wrote. She last saw it in her dormitory room.


1. Search around the dormitory for Claire's novel.
2. Catch the cat that has Claire's novel stuck on its head!
3. Give the novel back to Claire in the library.


1. After talking to Claire in the Library you should head out to the Exercise Yard and check the Dumpster.
2. Catch the Cat
- The cat is extremely fast, but there is no real time limit or lose condition on catching it.
3. Return to Claire in the library.

Additional Notes

1. You can reset the cat's position by leaving and re-entering the area.
2. The fact the Novel is on a cat in the Dumpster, probably means somebody threw it in there...
3. Claire's novel appears to be erotic in nature