Anonymous 2

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Anonymous #2
 Quest Giver Anonymous Message
 Prerequisites Anonymous #1
 Day September 28, 2044 onwards
 Next Quest Anonymous #3


Someone anonymous sent you a new request. You decided that you don't have a choice, but to comply.


1. Talk to Claire in the library.
2. Buy a smartphone from the gift shop in town.
3. Go to the dormitory on the Harfort schoolyard
4. Enter Claire's dorm room and replace her phone.
5. Put her phone in the garbage container next to the town cafe.


1. Talk to Claire in the library (evenings/weekends)
2. Head to the gift shop in town and buy a smartphone for $500
3. Head to the Dormitory
4. Enter the Dormitory
- The guard is roaming around making this a quest with potential danger.
- The Guard generally stays at the north part of the map making Sofia's Room, an unknown bedroom and the shower room easily accessible and good practice.
- All doors are effectively a numerical version of mastermind, each number only comes up once
- The Guard's position ALWAYS resets after re-entering the Dorm.
5. Enter Claire's room and take her phone
- Claire's room is the 2nd right most room.
6. Drop Claire's phone in the Garbage container next to the town cafe.

Additional Notes

1. As of 0.3.2b this is the most expensive quest in the game, as it requires a smartphone. However by the point this quest comes up this should be a relatively trival amount of money.
2. This quest may bug, purchasing a Smartphone before getting this quest but after completing Blackmail #1 may trigger the Objective to "Go to the dormitory on the Harfort schoolyard", despite the quest not even showing up in the list. (0.3.2b)
- this will also trigger further scenes in the quest.
3. You can get an extra scene by going into the shower room with all skills over 20.
4. Getting caught does not fail the quest, but you can not instantly retry.
5. The best way to sneak past the guard is when she is to reset her position and when she heads left to head straight up to before the northern corridor, let her vision pass you and then sneak past her. The guard is not always predictable and will sometimes randomly change direction, so there is no guarentee this will always work.
6. In the room second from left, you will interupt two girls rehearsing a scene. To pass this select:
- It's Bullshit!
- Oh, Hi Mark.
- Any choice
Gives +charm