Zoe Dream Sequence

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Zoe Dream Sequence
 Quest Giver Zoe
 Day September 10th, 2044 Onwards
 Next Quest none
 Rewards None


After talking to Zoe, you both decide to play a dangerous game and before you know it you are in a strange place but with familiar exposed faces


1. Talk to Zoe while she is in town on either the weekend or in the evenings
- Evening is recommended! (see note 4)
- you will automatically play the game of chicken
2. Exit the house and head right to the next screen, then south.
3. When you try to jump the logs, Gip will stop you and then start a fight
- After losing the fight, you awaken in your bed

Additional Notes[edit]

1. This is not a named Quest and does not appear as a Quest within the Objectives menu.
2. Gip does not seem beatable in this dream sequence, also his attacks can do in excess of 100 Arousal (instant death)
3. The mobile phone will not be available in the dream sequence
4. This quest will always advance you to night, so it is best only to do this in the evenings.