To Whom My Concern

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To Whom My Concern
 Quest Giver Nicole
 Prerequisites Spend time with Nicole after Who's a Good Girl?
 Next Quest Love for Charity


Nicole is back, but she is not what she used to be. You decided to find out what exactly happened to her.


1. Talk to Flora and ask her about Nicole.
2. Read the Doctor's letter in your inventory.
3. Go to the City and visit the Clinic.


1. Go downstairs and talk to Flora (weekday mornings/afternoons)
2. Open the inventory and use the Doctor's Letter
3. Go to the City on the map and to the far right there will be the clinic
4. Go Inside and read the entries on the terminal
- check the entries and then the records
- You will get a chance to spare or kill Dr. Barold Hornstein
- You can also tell the fox owner the truth or a lie.

Additional Notes

1. If you spare Dr. Hornstein, he will now be found in the Protagonist's Bedroom.