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The Church is located in the Neighborhood at the top right of the map with a connected grave yard.

Inside the Church there are some followers. After starting the Quest Church in Need, Aiyana will also be available in the church. There are two confessional rooms and a door to Aiyana's bedroom.

Church Hall

In the main hall of the church there is 12 benches with 4 followers sat on them. The followers all appear to be perverse in nature.

At the right of the main hall is two confessionals, set-up for the confessional scene with Aiyana.

Aiyana's bedroom

A very odd room which looks like a converted sewer, it has water on the right and left sides of it. There is also a minecart track coming from a door. The room has shabby furniture, being a table a bed and a cupboard.

The center piece of the room is a statue of Rekam'Ybab.