Payback's a Bitch

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The alter-ego wants to humiliate Violet. It's time for payback!


Go inside Violet's house and find her. Enter Violet's bedroom as either alter-ego or protagonist the next day.


get to violet's room, and agree to play the game. -each time you get a tie violet and sofia will use the same move again -after you lose your pants sofie will give you hints, the first two are 100% true but after that she might lie -you can do until you win but if you lose you will have to pay 100$

if you fail too many times you get the option to cheat

Additional Notes

Alright so far what I gathered is: 1. fist 2.slap 3.slap 4.fingers 5.fist 6.random 7.random 8.random The hardest quest yet, Sofia may give you hints as to whats to come but it can also be a trick so tread carefully.