Lust Toys: Natalie

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Lust Toys: Natalie
 Prerequisites Opened Shop (twice)
 Rewards Natalie can be hired.


You decided to ask Natalie if she would be interested to help out with the Lust Toys shop.


1. Talk to Natalie in her bedroom.
2. Buy a new bunny suit for Natalie from the shopping mall in town.
3. Hire Natalie by interacting with the cash register inside the Lust Toys Store.


1. Talk to Natalie on any evening.
2. Go to the shopping Mall and buy the bunny suit for $50.
3. Go to the Lust Toys store and hire Natalie at the Cash Register
- Manage Shop >> Hire Staff >> Hire Staff >> Natalie 4. Open the shop

Additional Notes

1. Natalie will take a 10% cut of all items sold.
2. Staff appear to increase the rate at which people buy things.