Got Milk?

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Got Milk?
 Prerequisites Love for Charity, The Safe


Flora asked you to buy some milk again from Aiyana at the milk stand next to the church and you gladly agreed, because you would do anything to make her happy.


  • Go to the milk stand next to the church.
  • Go inside the church and talk to Aiyana.
  • Go and talk to the dairy farmer at the Farm.
  • Go the fields at the back of the Farm to retrieve the 3 parts.
  • Retrieve all 3 machine parts from the "pests". Progress: 0/3
  • Go back to the dairy farmer at the Farm.


Quest triggers after Nicole is pregnant and The Safe quest is completed. The fields can be found at the right side of the Farm map. A sign with the word "Fields" and an arrow pointing towards the fields can be found there.

Additional Notes

Here are multiple tips to complete the farm combat against the "pests":

  • Use antiandrogen and teddy bear bombs during combat. You can purchase more from the nurse in Harfort or as drops in the Hole or at the farm.
  • Pick the right battles. "Pests" have different stats. Flee if you have to.
  • Arousal meter goes down steadily at the farm. If you need to re-gain health and you don't have any antiandrogens, then wait a while after combat. The higher your effort skill, the faster your arousal level goes down.
  • Use a skill instead of the regular "Jizz" attack. Each one of the 3 skills are effective in one specific area, so figure out which one works in one area.
  • Each part drops in a different area behind the Farm:

- Pump: Northern area (grasslands/creek)
- Motor: Southern area (dessert)
- Pod: Starter area (wheat fields)

  • There's a 10% chance for a part to drop.