Dirty Secret(quest)

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Natalie is hiding something from you. You decided to follow her and find out what she is hiding.


  1. Follow Natalie in the neighborhood.
  2. Talk to Natalie again inside her bedroom.
  3. Hypnotize Natalie and take over her body.
  4. Go to Harfort and talk to the principal.
  5. Hypnotize Natalie again and visit Harfort as her.
  6. Clean up the trash inside Harfort.
  7. Go back to the principal's office.


Go to Natalie evening try to hypnosis her then the mission will start. Go follow Natalie outside the house. Then go to Natalie room talk with her. Hypnosis Natalie again . Go to Harfort and talk with Scarlett. Go to Natalie and hypnosis. Go to Harfort talk to Scarlett. Go to the janitor room try to fine broom to get it try to fine way ther gonna be little talk. Clean junk around the university. Go to Scarlett.

Additional Notes[edit]