Anonymous 1

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Anonymous #1
 Quest Giver Anonymous Message
 Day September 26th
 Next Quest Lust Toys: Flora & Anonymous #2


Someone sent you a phone message, and is telling you to go to town. You decided to do what he tells you to do... for now.


1. Visit the booth next to the fountain in town.
2. Visit the Booth Later
3. Talk to Flora back home.


1. Go to town and visit the booth
2. Go back to the booth at a later time
- There are three options, Grope $1, Slap $25 & Pull $50. None of these seem to make any real difference.
- If the Protagonist Stand's aside, Flora's breasts will be abused before she can run off and marked with Slut
- If the Protagonist doesn't move, Flora will run straight away.
- Seeing the breasts increases Arousal by 20

Additional Notes