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Sofia is Aiyana's daughter, Aiyana seems insistent that Sofia goes to an all girl's school and is never around boys due to the will of Rekam'Ybab


While only meeting the Protagonist recently, Sofia appears to have taken a somewhat liking to the Protagonist which is possibly due to the Protagonist being the only man around with a penis to lick but due to a rule introduced by Violet this is something Sofia is currently unable to do on school grounds.

While Sofia does tend to slightly mock the Protagonist this tends to be on the lighter side, mostly this refers to calling the Protagonist "Little Penis".


Violet is the main person that Sofia hangs with, the two generally talk quietly to each other and so it is unknown what they say but Sofia tends to follow along with Violet's Abrasive behavior whenever Violet is present. Altho Sofia does join in with the Protagonist when the Protagonist taunts Violet during her 40-lap run.